BKCN Promotion.

World Tang Soo Do congratulates BKCN Khan on his Promotion.

World Championships 2022, North Carolina, USA

A massive congratulations to all that attended. The Championships a massiave success, well done to everyone. Tang Soo!!

National Championships, Nottingham UK, April 30th 2022

What a fantastic day yesterday at our first National Championships in three years. Amazing turnout and amazing display of skills and sportsmanship. Here are the National Grand Champions of 2022. Congratulations to you all.

Masters Clinic in USA

Some wonderful memories from the recent Masters Clinic in USA. First time in many years we were able to come together freely and share what we love. Congratulations to our SBN Master Khan on his selection to test for 8th Assistant Grand Master rank. GBTSDA and Region 11 are so very proud.

40th Anniversary Seminar

2021 marked the 40th Anniversary of Ramsey & Upwood TSD, when Master Khan started the club in 1981.

Due to Covid unfortunately we could not celebrate this milestone.

We are very pleased to announce, we will be hosting a seminar event on the 23rd July, open to all students. This will be a great opportunity to learn from many Masters taking multiple sessions and be part of the celebration to mark this occasion.

Prices will be £10 for adults and £8 for under 16’s.

There are plans for a curry event after the seminar, which will be at extra cost for those wanting to attend.

Spaces are limited, so please confirm your attendance with your instructors who will then pass on the details direct to Master Wiskin

Black Belt Presentation, Feb 2022

Group photo from yesterday's National Black Belt Presentation Class. Congratulations to our newley promoted Black Belts.

Instructors Class, December 5th 2021

Last Instructors Black Belt class for the year. And what a year it has been. Training with our TSD brothers and sisters representing our GB Family. There was positive energy and great Tang Soo spirit on the day. Looking forward to many more classes in the new year!! Bring on 2022!!

Thank you for your time and effort - Tang Soo!!

Wales Regional Championships, November 20th 2021

On 20th November GBTSDA hosted the first competition in almost 2 years. We are proud to say we delivered a safe and compliant event. Here are the two Grand Champions of 2021.

Congratulations to Olivia Anani (Gup Grand Champion) & Grace Evans (Dan Grand Champion)

GBTSDA 2021 Virtual Seminar February 27th 2021

Today was a great day and a first for GBTSDA. More than 100 students attended the virtual seminar class, which included white belts all the way up to black belts sam dans.

The seminar was lead by our instructor and director, Master Khan, and was supported by all the other masters from the GBTSDA.

All in all it was a great success, and thoroughly enjoyed by everyone that had participated. Thank you for your time and effort - Tang Soo!!

GBTSDA 2021 Virtual Seminar (Zoom) February 27th 2021

On February 27th 2021 we shall be presenting a live zoom virtual seminar for white belts to 3rd Dans. The class will start from 1pm and finish 5pm.

Family Discount £6 for first 2 and £3 for every person after.

Book now for your space : >>> Book Now. <<<

Looking forward to seeing you all!! - Tang Soo!!

GBTSD 2020 Masters and Instructors Class

With the government guildlines of staying home, saving lives, and protecting the NHS, we have organised our Masters and Instructors class online via Zoom. Class was hosted by Master Khan, with over 50 black belt instructors following his lead. The class lasted an hour with great success, this is a great example of how we stay connected, being united and keeping fit in this changing time.

If you have a computer and your instructor offers online classes, please join in and train - Tang Soo!!

GBTSD Females Seminar 2020

Happy International Woman’s Day To All Our Lady Warriors, Sisters & Friends!!! This Day Brings Back The Great Memory Of Our First Ever GBTSD Females Seminar In February 2018. What A Great Feeling It Was For ALL The Females To Celebrate This Special Day Together And Raise Money For A Charity Close To Most Of Us MacMillan For Cancer. The Great News is We Get To Do It All Again This Year On Saturday The 30th Of May In St.Ives Leisure Centre!!

This Year’s Chosen Charity Is MIND The Charity Close To My Heart As It Supports Those With Mental Health Illnesses.

Registration Is Now Open By Clicking The Link Below.

Deadline To Register Is:30th Of April

Register here!

Watch video from last All Females Seminar 2018.

GBTSDA Stand United to WTSDA

On behalf of Master Khan and all GBTSD Masters, we send our deepest condolences to GM Beaudoin’s Family and all our WTSD Family, also as WTSD Brothers & Sisters we stand united as one Family to pledge our support to GM Strong and the WTSDA!!

Watch video

GBTSDA World Championships Pre-application.

2020 World Championship competitor registration link:

Click here.

2020 World Championship Creativity only competitors/Volunteers/Ko Dan Ja registration:

Click here.

Fundraising Seminar for Jayden Javid

On Saturday 22nd February 2020 we have a fundraising Seminar for Jaden Javid. Please sign up and help.

In aid of Jayden Babak’s dream of attending the 2020 World Championship. All WTSDA members are welcome to attend. Special session for children. Venue: One Leisure St Ives. Time: 1:00 - 5:00pm. Bake sale, raffles & auctions after the event. PRICES: £15 – ADULTS, £10 –CHILDREN UNDER 16. REGISTRATION REQUIRED BY 6th FEBRUARY 2020.

Weʼre raising £4,000 to Jayden’s dream to compete at the World Championship

Donate here : Donate


History was made, on the 24th February 2018, by Great Britain female members of the World Tang Soo Do Association (Korean Martial Art), who have held their first ever All Female Seminar.

Over 100 female members from all over the UK as far as Scotland, Middlesbrough, Wales, Bristol, London, with many from all around Cambridgeshire, came together at St Ives One Leisure for the one day seminar that was organised by Master Dawn Khan, a 5th Degree Master (She is the highest WTSDA female Master in the UK and Europe).

After registration the day started at 10am. The Seminar got underway with the opening ceremonies with all the Master Instructors introducing themselves and sharing a little about when they first started their journey on the path of Tang Soo Do. This was followed by the warm up lead by Master Dawn and then the break out sessions got under way. The sessions, which were lead by Master Dawn and other attending Masters, were not only in traditional Tang Soo Do martial arts, such as Kicks, Sparring/Boxing, and Self Defense, but also in things that are not normally taught in lessons, such as Fan Techniques, Escrima Sticks, Ki Gong (energy training) and Meditation.

Along side the seminar, we had a raffle and cake stall with all profits going towards MacMillian Cancer Care. We would like to thank all who donated cakes and raffle prizes to help us raise £750 for the Charity.

All day the atmosphere was electric with everyone thoroughly enjoying themselves and it showed the dedication and strength of all the females members of Great Britain Tang Soo Do. The day ended at 4pm with all the females on a high as the closing ceremony took place and they all bowed out ready for their journey home with hopes that they can all do it again next year.

When asking Master Dawn about her idea for the Seminar and how the day went, her reply was "It was an amazing day as I felt so proud that a goal and a dream both had come true for me!! When I first started Tang Soo Do 31 years ago females were a minority in the classes with there being 5-10% of the class members being females. The majority were boys and men. Martial Arts in general were very male dominated in those days. Over the years there has been a great increase in females taking up Tang Soo Do and now some of our classes are 60% females at times. I had often dreamt of hosting an event to celebrate all the Females we now have in our Association here in Great Britain. What better time then this year as we have celebrated 100 years since Women had the right to vote in Great Britain so I put forward the proposal last year to host our first ever all Female Seminar and it was approved. So as I planned and organised the event I was full of excitement about the thought of all of our females from the age of 10 years old and above Orange Belt(our first coloured belt after white belt) up to Master Belt all training together in our beautiful martial art of Tang Soo Do for one Whole Day. Not only would I be accomplishing a goal and a dream but we would be making HISTORY and that we did!!!!"


It's Open To All GBTSD Females 10 Years And Older Orange Belt And Above!! It Will Be A Great Day Of Training With All Of Our Female Masters And 4th Dans Whilst Celebrating All Our Females That Are Training In Our Beautiful Art Of WTSD

We Will Also Be Having A Bake Sale And A Raffle On The Day And All Proceeds Will Go To Breast Cancer. Any Donations For Either Stall Would Be Most Appreciated. You Can Bring Donations Along With You On The Day

The Event will be Making History For Great Britain TSD!!! Please Put The Date On Your Calendars And Keep It Free! Registration Is By Clicking On The Link Below. Register Soon!!!

Deadline Date To Register Is The 12TH January 2018.

Find Out More

Martial Arts Illustrated Award 2016, for Outstanding Contribution to Martial Arts.

World Tang Soo Do Associations Master Chris Carter has received the Martial Arts Illustrated Award 2016, for Outstanding Contribution to Martial Arts. The award was presented at a function attended by over 300 different martial artists some who also have clubs locally.

Master Carter started his martial artist career in St.Ives in 1974. He initially joined to keep fit, learn self defence and gain knowledge of one of the oldest martial arts that originates from Korea. He then joined the World Tang Soo Do Association 10 years later in 1984 under the instruction of Master Khan, his mentor and good friend.

Master Carter worked his way up through the belts, training each week in St Ives with Master Khan. He attained the level of Master Rank in 1996 and was presented with his Masters Belt at The 1996 World Tang Soo Do World Championship in Las Vegas, U.S.A. He has dedicated over 40 years to the martial art of Tang Soo Do.

During the past 40 years Master Carter has not only worked his way up to a Master, but has also qualified as an International Judge, which he uses for Championships across the World, and he is one of the most Senior Instructor in Europe. Each week, Master Carter runs a training class in Grafham Village Hall on Wednesdays from 7:30-9pm, and often has students being tested for their next belt at each Grading Session.

Master Khan, (who runs classes in St Ives and Huntingdon), said "As a friend and mentor, Master Carter is a great asset to the World Tang Soo Do Association. After dedicating 40 years to the Association he really deserves this award for his sacrifice and commitment he has shown over the years".

2016 Newly Promoted GB Masters

2016 GBTSD World Championships

World Tang Soo Do Associations Team GB had amazing success at the 16th World Tang Soo Do Championships, held in Greensboro, North Carolina, America. Team GB was made up of 33 Tang Soo Do members (15 were from the Cambridgeshire area) who had to qualify in both National and European Championships to become a part of the Team. Approx 1600 Tang Soo Do Members from 40 Countries from around the World went up against each other in groups, to compete for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places for Weapons, Hyungs (Forms), and Sparring, As well as the medals they were also competing for the title of World Grand Champion and its trophies.

Team GB did amazingly well and brought home 54 medals in Weapons, Hyungs and Sparring, that were made up of 26 1st place, 13 2nd place, and 15 3rd place. In addition to the 54 medals, 3 members of Team GB gained the title and trophies of World Grand Champion, Rowan Jennings - Senior Over 35yrs Male Black Belt World Grand Champion. Khyle Capanzana - Male Childe Under 18yrs Colour Belt World Grand Champion. Mr Indy Benning who is a 3rd Dan Black Belt, taking the highest title and trophy of "Male Black Belt Overall World Grand Champion". This is the first time a male member of the Tang Soo Do Team GB has won and brought back the trophy for Black Belt Overall World Grand Champion.

Master Khan, who is the top Master in Europe and Chief Instructor for Team GB said "For me, this was an outstanding effort from all our Team. The Team has been working hard for the past year, with some training 6 days a week. I, myself, was a Gold Medallist in 1986 and have attended all 16 World Championships so know the hard work and dedication that is needed to win at the World Championships. Team GB has brought back the Ladies Black Belt Overall World Grand Champion 3 times in the past, but we have never brought back the Male Overall World Grand Champion, so I am extremely proud to have Indy Benning as the first Great Britain name on this trophy. I must thank all the Masters and Instructors who run the Tang Soo Do training sessions, and also mention Mr Nigel Crockett who took on the responsibility, and did an amazing job, of organising the Team GB travel arrangements".

Amazing success and pride, for everyone in Team GB, but also for everyone in the Great Britain Tang Soo Do Association.

2016 Sam Dan Leadership and Masters Clinic

Delft, Netherlands - October 18th - 22nd Travel Arrangements for GB Attendees

For those Masters and Sam Dans intending to leave from Stansted, you should book seats on the morning flight of Tuesday 18th October, leaving at 07:00 and arriving at 9:05, this is Easyjet flight EY3001.

Easyjet Web page :-

Any Masters And Sam Dans leaving from other areas, using a different airport should try to get a flight which arrives in Amsterdam before or around 9 am.

Our Dutch hosts will be providing a bus to take us to the hotel, provided that we all arrive around the same time. (Around 9 am) Please let Master Suijker know if your flight will arrive after that so that you can possibly arrange to be collected from the airport.

For those returning on Sunday 23rd October the first flight back leaves at 15:15 arriving at Stansted at 15:15 this is flight EY3004. A bus will be provided to take those catching this flight to the airport.

There are two other flights that leave later should you wish to stay an see more of Amsterdam. EY3006 leaves at 18:15 and EY3010 leaves at 20:55. Anyone catching those flights will need to make there own way to the airport.

Clinic Application Form

Please use this link to the website for the masters clinic.

where you click on “Events 2016” and then “Master Clinic” here you can complete your application form. You will also find access for any students you may have attending the Black belt clinic or competition on the same page.

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