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Sah Bum Nim Khan

Master Mujahid Khan is currently recognised as a 7th Dan Instructor in the World Tang Soo Do Association. He has been training in the Martial Arts for over 35 years and has received many awards, including Instructor of the year 1997 and many other  commendations and appreciation awards from the Association

Master Khan is the regional director for region #11, which encompasses Western Europe. He is married with three children. The whole family practises Tang Soo Do. His wife Dawn is a Sah Dan Master, daughter Noreen is also a Sah Dan Master, daughter Aisha is a Sam dan, and the newest recruit, youngest daughter Safiya is an E dan.

"I teach every class myself, from basic warm-ups to the end of class", says Master Khan. "I feel that students pay for my instruction and they should receive it".

Some of Master Khans favourite quotes are :

My name is Mujahid Khan and I was born in Kashmir, Pakistan. I came to live in England in October 1970 when my parents emigrated here. My current rank is Yuk Dan. I received my Master's belt in July 1989 in Holland at the European Championship that year. I was honoured to be presented my Master rank in front of all the European members. It was a privilege to have it presented to me by Grandmaster Shin. The feeling was indescribable, as I was the first European Master in WTSD at the time. It was a dream that I never thought would become reality!

I am the currently the European Director for Region #11 which covers all of Western Europe. I am also the Chief Instructor for Great Britain TSD. I run my own studios in Alconbury (An American Air Force Base) Huntingdon and St.Ives. All my studios are in the Cambridgeshire area. I am married with 3 daughters. My wife Dawn is a Sah Dan Master, my eldest daughter Noreen is also a Sah Dan Master, Aisha is now a Sam Dan and our youngest, Safiya is a Cho Dan. We go as a family to teach and train EVERYDAY! Dawn, Aisha and Safiya assist me regularly in teaching my classes as well as practicing TSD for themselves.

I started TSD in early 1974 in a village called Buckden in Cambridgeshire. A friend of mine whom I worked with was practicing TSD and introduced me to it. My first instructor was an American serviceman by the name of Stephen Coleman. He was a 2nd Dan in TSD. I remember him well. He is a very big man with OUTSTANDING Martial Arts ability.

After achieving my Black belt in April 1977 I practiced a bit of Tai Chi Chuan and Wado Ryu with friends of mine who also practiced alongside me in TSD at times. In those days cross training in different styles didn't really exist. We were the only few who did this kind of thing.

During my Tang Soo Do career I have worked for a local food company for over 20 years . Upon the company closing I was fortunate enough to turn to teaching TSD as a full time career of which I enjoy VERY MUCH!!!

I hold various different fund-raising events mainly in aid of the World Headquarters Building Fund. The most unique one I have held is an auction to raise money for the Headquarters Fund. I auctioned my personal belongings, some that were VERY sentimental, like my 5th Dan Master's Sword that I received during my promotion ceremony. I have also auctioned my Master's belt and some other special items. One which I'll never forget is the dobohk I wore in the making of Kwan Chang Nim's Volume 3 Book-DAE RYUN. We raised over $7000.00 at this one AUCTION!!

Lastly I would like to share a few of my personal beliefs. They are that the success to Martial Arts is to persevere and not to look back. Remember too that you only get out of your training what you PUT INTO IT!! Success comes through a positive mind. Always try to be positive in whatever you may do and you will one day achieve your goals.

Profile of Master Mujahid Khan, 6th Dan Master M Khan